Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

~This Thursday we start the first class in our newly launched educational series. As I'm sure you have already read, March 24th at 6pm we will be hosting a FREE cat brushing workshop here at Precious Furs. We are very excited to be able to offer these classes to everyone (not just our current clients). Spaces are still available.
~Saturday, March 26th Lynn and Tracy will be headed off to the Spencer Country Inn for the annual Second Chance Animal Shelter Dinner/Auction. We are proud to announce that Precious Furs donated 1 girt certificate for a free cat grooming and 1 gift certificate for a free pet grooming. We look forward to see everyone there again this year!
~Thursday the 31st we will be hosting the dog brushing class at 6:00pm. Again this is a FREE class and spaces are still available.
~Easter is only a month away. Remember to book your pets holiday grooming early to be sure we can fit them in.
~If you are planning on going away this summer, please book your pets stay as soon as you book yours. We are already filling the kennel for July and August and don't want anyone to be leaft without a space.
~Lastly for today. Remember to sign-up for our E-mail Newsletter with new, stories and coupons. Be sure to enter your name as well so we can update our database here. From there we will be able to send reminder cards via e-mail rater than snail mail. Just our way to be a little greener :)

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