Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy New Year!

So here at Precious Furs we had a great 2012 and are really looking forward to an exceptional 2013. Since our last post, quite a few things have happened here. We welcomed two new furry family members this year.
Owen (the bigger one) and Ada are french bulldogs and the funniest pups around. They are fitting in just wonderfully with our playgroups. We have almost finished our cold kennel renovations. Just a little paint on the ceilings and we will be in good shape. The epoxy coated floors and wall have made a huge difference in the brightness of the room. We are currently working with an 8 person staff. Lynn -our owner and fearless leader :) Tracy -our office manager Danielle -our kennel manager Nicole -our bather / brusher and our kennel workers -Jess, Joanie, Cassie, and Ben (you can also catch Jess and Cassie working the desk on weekends) We are very excited about the year to come!

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